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Movie Review: 'Pixels'
Jul 27 2015
All those misspent hours of youth, spending quarters on mindless video games, are finally put to use in “Pixels,” a manic comedy about an alien invasion of Earth by 3-D characters from the arcade.

Movie Review: 'Southpaw'
Jul 23 2015
In the visceral boxing drama “Southpaw,” a seasoned trainer tries to convince a broken-down fighter that boxing is more mental than physical. A successful practitioner must use his head and strategize.

Movie Review: 'Trainwreck'
Jul 21 2015
The self-deprecation in the title of this raunchy romantic comedy, a vehicle for stand-up comedienne Amy Schumer, is warranted

Movie Review: Ant-Man
Jul 20 2015
Ridiculous, yes, but “Ant-Man” is nonetheless great fun, with swarms of creepy-crawlies rendered in glorious 3-D.

Movie Review: Minions
Jul 10 2015
Fillet it how you will, "Minions" (Universal) is a rare treat.

Movie Review: 'Faith of Our Fathers"
Jul 08 2015
Well-intentioned but awkwardly uneven drama about evangelical Christianity's impact on two generations of families.

Movie Review: 'Terminator: Genisys'
Jul 02 2015
Any movie plot that hangs on the ability of an adult character to journey into the past to give vital advice to himself as a child is bound to register as somewhat convoluted.

Collection of Hollywood faith tales fails to separate hooey from holy
Jul 02 2015
Kendall doesn't bother to extricate the hooey from the holy as she cobbles narratives from biographies, clips from newspaper obituaries and the occasional blog post from IMDb, a popular Internet source for movie, TV and celebrity news and information.

Book offers Catholic guide to raising a happy baby
Jun 29 2015
If you are the type of parent who is open to different points of view on parenting (or can skip right past them) and are looking for a perspective that is inspired by Catholic ideas, then this book will provide helpful insight into how to raise a happy baby as happy parents.

Movie Review: Max
Jun 29 2015
Following in the esteemed paw prints of Rin Tin Tin and Lassie comes “Max," a heroic canine on a mission to vanquish evil while mending a broken family.

Movie Review: Inside Out
Jun 20 2015
While the tiniest film fans might be put off by the peril in which its characters occasionally find themselves, this splendid comedy offers all others outstanding entertainment founded on strong values.

Movie Review: Jurassic World
Jun 12 2015
Prepare to be stomped on by "Jurassic World" (Universal).