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Movie Review: 'Fist Fight'
Feb 27 2017
Director Richie Keen and screenwriters Van Robichaux and Evan Susser have constructed this unpleasant mess as a series of dirty jokes.

Movie Review: 'The Great Wall'
Feb 23 2017
Those seeking nothing more from a movie than sheer spectacle may be satisfied with the visually interesting but thoroughly implausible action adventure “The Great Wall.”

Movie Review: 'The Lego Batman Movie'
Feb 16 2017
Fast-paced fun is the order of the day in director Chris McKay’s animated treat for viewers of almost every age.

Movie Review: 'The Comedian'
Feb 09 2017
With Robert De Niro as insult comic Jackie Burke, this is where funny has gone to die – cringing the entire way.

Movie Review: 'Gold'
Feb 02 2017
There’s a sour taste to this loosely fact-based story that a strong performance from Matthew McConaughey in the lead role fails to dispel.

Movie Review: 'The Founder'
Jan 26 2017
In chronicling the early history of McDonald’s, “The Founder” makes compelling food for thought, if not exactly a happy meal.

HBO's 'The Young Pope' repels more than it engages
Jan 20 2017
Saddled with a cartoonish view of the church, and driven by the urge to be edgy, “The Young Pope” repels more than it engages.

Movie Review: 'La La Land'
Jan 10 2017
Though it’s set in present-day Los Angeles, the comedy-drama “La La Land” takes a spirited stab at reviving the musicals of Hollywood’s golden age.

Movie Review: 'Manchester by the Sea'
Jan 05 2017
At the center of filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan’s drama “Manchester by the Sea” lays a crushed soul flawlessly embodied by actor Casey Affleck.

Movie Review: ‘Silence’
Dec 28 2016
Director Martin Scorcese's latest explores Jesuits in 17th-century Japan, where persecution of Christians rages.

Movie Review: 'Passengers'
Dec 22 2016
Science fiction becomes the springboard for a study of selfishness, sin and the possibility of forgiveness in “Passengers” (Sony).

Names and Numbers: Christmas wish list includes books, CD
Dec 13 2016
Just in time for Christmas gift lists, the latest installment of Names and Numbers features books and a CD.