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‘There Be Dragons’ director takes full responsibility for film
May 06 2011
WASHINGTON – Roland Joffe, director of “There Be Dragons,” the new movie that dramatizes the early life of St. Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, says he takes full responsibility for the finished product.

Cannes Film Festival grand-prize winner ‘Of Gods and Men’ had ‘monastic adviser’ on set
Mar 25 2011
WASHINGTON – “Of Gods and Men,” the Cannes Film Festival grand prize-winning feature now debuting across the country, had a “monastic adviser” on the set to help faithfully depict the lives of the French monks whose story is at the heart of the movie.

Harry Potter ‘magic’ felt around archdiocese
Nov 18 2010
Ken McVeary couldn’t stop laughing.

Vatican newspaper praises values in new Harry Potter film
Jul 14 2009
VATICAN CITY – The Vatican newspaper gave the new Harry Potter movie four stars for promoting “friendship, altruism, loyalty and self-giving.”

Catholic scientists debunk movie’s depiction of science, faith clash
May 15 2009
ST. PAUL, Minn. – A bomb. A secret sect of anti-Catholic scientists. A church straddling ancient traditions and the modern world.

Speakers impart knowledge at local colleges
May 12 2009
Many students at the three Catholic colleges in the Archdiocese of Baltimore are approaching the end of their education journeys.

‘Angels and Demons’ is harmless entertainment, Vatican newspaper says
May 07 2009
ROME – The newly premiered movie “Angels and Demons” is little more than “harmless entertainment,” with many factual errors and little cultural value, according to the Vatican newspaper.

College students, teachers try to right business wrongs
Feb 07 2009
Andrew Velazquez sounds disillusioned. He yearns for the days when businesses took responsibility for their decision-making and were accountable to their customers, community and country.

Author recovers story of first American-Indian religious order
Dec 15 2008
When 12-year-old Thomas Foley opened a shoebox in his Aunt Mame’s closet more than 65 years ago, he unwittingly uncovered the building blocks for a remarkable story of faith, courage and determination.

Sister Helen Prejean calls on Md. to end death penalty
Sep 24 2007
Standing beneath a large crucifix in the sanctuary of St. Pius X in Rodgers Forge, Sister Helen Prejean, C.S.J., stretched out her arms and intently fixed her gaze on the hundreds of people who filled the pews Sept. 20.

Scientists divided on issue of global warming
Apr 18 2007
In the April 12 issue, a book review reprinted from Catholic News Service praised “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore’s book that accompanies his movie of the same name. A central theme of Gore’s efforts is to assert that we have a moral obligation to take action against carbon dioxide emissions. We read “The final 15 pages at the conclusion of the text are a composite of individual and collective action responses ....” The connection to morality gets the attention of religious-minded readers; and indeed, “global warming” is becoming something of a secular “religion” all by itself.

Father Karoor’s new novel tells tale of the early church
Jul 20 2006
When Father Isaac Karoor was growing up in Kerala, India, he was put off by the way he saw women treated.