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Movie Review: 'Suicide Squad"
Aug 10 2016
Initially stylish but ultimately ridiculous and chaotic, the DC comics-based adventure “Suicide Squad” (Warner Bros.) also features some dubious moral values.

Movie Review: 'Jason Bourne'
Aug 03 2016
Nearly all of the characters in "Jason Bourne" (Universal) are under surveillance, being hacked, or in the gun sight of a government assassin.

Movie Review 'Ice Age: Collision Course'
Jul 27 2016
Scrat’s chase also gets the plot rolling when he inadvertently sets a giant asteroid on a potentially cataclysmic collision course with the Earth.

Movie Review: 'Star Trek Beyond'
Jul 22 2016
"Star Trek Beyond" is a rousing and rambunctious 3-D adventure, directed at a furious pace by Justin Lin.

Movie Review: 'Ghostbusters'
Jul 18 2016
The plot of this 3-D “Ghostbusters” (Columbia) runs a similar course to that of its long-ago progenitor.

Movie Review: 'The Legend of Tarzan'
Jul 14 2016
Just beneath the surface of “The Legend of Tarzan” (Warner Bros.), a Gilbert and Sullivan opera is trying to claw its way out.

Movie Review: 'The Secret Life of Pets'
Jul 13 2016
Terrier Max (voice of Louis C.K.) is the pampered pooch of New York apartment dweller Katie (voice of Ellie Kemper). Max’s only complaint is that Katie’s work separates them for much of the day.

Movie Review: The BFG
Jul 06 2016
Roald Dahl's eponymous1982 children's book, "The BFG" (Disney) comes packed with specialized terms for its own fantasy elements.

Movie Reviews: 'Independence Day: Resurgence'
Jun 29 2016
A reprise of the hit alien-fighting epic of 20 years ago in which the nations of the world united to fight a common foe.

History a refreshing departure from overly pious views of St. Francis
Jun 23 2016
St. Francis of Assisi had a few rough edges, according to Jon Sweeney, who rejects the common practice of making him too saintly.

Movie Review: Central Intelligence
Jun 23 2016
A high IQ is not a prerequisite for seeing “Central Intelligence” (Warner Bros.). What this dimwitted action comedy demands instead are stamina and perseverance.

Movie Review: 'Finding Dory'
Jun 15 2016
This buoyant new film’s entertainment value is moored to solid morals.