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Movie Review: The BFG
Jul 06 2016
Roald Dahl's eponymous1982 children's book, "The BFG" (Disney) comes packed with specialized terms for its own fantasy elements.

Movie Reviews: 'Independence Day: Resurgence'
Jun 29 2016
A reprise of the hit alien-fighting epic of 20 years ago in which the nations of the world united to fight a common foe.

History a refreshing departure from overly pious views of St. Francis
Jun 23 2016
St. Francis of Assisi had a few rough edges, according to Jon Sweeney, who rejects the common practice of making him too saintly.

Movie Review: Central Intelligence
Jun 23 2016
A high IQ is not a prerequisite for seeing “Central Intelligence” (Warner Bros.). What this dimwitted action comedy demands instead are stamina and perseverance.

Movie Review: 'Finding Dory'
Jun 15 2016
This buoyant new film’s entertainment value is moored to solid morals.

Movie Review: 'Me Before You'
Jun 09 2016
What begins as a charming love story with a strong pro-life message veers off course toward a climactic endorsement of behavior no one committed to scriptural values can accept.

Movie Review: 'X-Men: Apocalypse'
Jun 02 2016
One can only hope that “X-Men: Apocalypse” spells not the end of the world, as the title implies, but the conclusion of this tiresome franchise.

Movie Review: 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'
May 26 2016
The heroine of “Alice Through the Looking Glass” (Disney) is not Lewis Carroll's curious 7-year-old girl but rather an intrepid sea captain with an entrepreneurial streak.

Movie Review: "Money Monster"
May 19 2016
George Clooney stars as Lee Gates, host of the eponymous TV program on which he peddles investment advice.

Last Days in the Desert
May 13 2016
The thoughtful, but ultimately unsatisfying, religious drama embroiders on the biblical story of Jesus' 40 days spent fasting and praying in the desert.

Movie Review: 'Mother's Day'
May 04 2016
In the manner of Garry Marshall’s “Valentine’s Day” in 2010 and “New Year’s Eve” from the following year, there are six subplots, with more threads than a Tolstoy novel.

Movie Review: 'Eye in the Sky'
Apr 28 2016
The suspenseful military drama “Eye in the Sky” (Bleecker Street) examines a sprawling topic, the war on terrorism.