Investing in Hispanic/Latino leadership
Sep 22 2011
As the United States becomes more ethnically and culturally diverse, the Hispanic/Latino community will be one of the principle crucibles out of which leadership develops, emerges and plays a major role. As Hispanic/Latinos take on an increasing role in determining leadership in the Catholic Church in the U.S., they will face new challenges related to (a) becoming more dispersed throughout the country and less mono-cultural in their makeup; (b) growing in rural and suburban areas, while continuing to increase in the metropolis; © growing in diversity as Hispanic/Latinos are consumed into multiethnic offices making it a challenging task for the church to minister adequately and effectively within this context; (d) the Caribbean Hispanic/Latinos from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba have a different ethos, popular religious practices, and history with the U.S. to that of Mexico, South and Central America, broadening the scope and complexity on how serving the needs of this growing Hispanic/Latino diversity throughout the parish communities in the U.S. are met, in addition; (e) the Puerto Rican community is unique to all the other Hispanic/Latino groups because of its commonwealth status and being born as U.S. citizens; while treated repeatedly as second-class citizens, or as strangers and frequently neglected not only by the dominant culture, but by other Hispanic/Latino groups as well.

Tridentine Mass in Hagerstown speaks to ‘majesty of the church’
Sep 14 2011
HAGERSTOWN – A 13-year-old girl with pink hair, black fingernails, a shiny silver belt and a hip-hop cap sat two pews in front of an elderly woman with a black veil over her head during a special Tridentine Mass celebrated Sept. 11 at St. Mary in Hagerstown.

Parish musical settings undergo a tune-up
Sep 14 2011
Catholics at several parishes throughout the archdiocese are hearing something new at Mass.

Events commemorate attacks of Sept. 11, 2001
Sep 08 2011
Catholics throughout the Archdiocese of Baltimore will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with prayer services and other special events Sept. 10-11. Below are some of the highlights.

Nigerian cardinal urges president to unmask sponsors of Boko Haram
Sep 04 2011
LAGOS, Nigeria – Lagos Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie urged President Goodluck Jonathan to use all security and intelligence networks at his disposal to unmask the sponsors of the Boko Haram sect and deal with them decisively.

Young people show faith is universal and new
Sep 01 2011
I don’t look at the Catholic Church the same anymore.

Six generations of love
Sep 01 2011
Entering Mount Providence chapel to begin the long walk to the altar, Oblate Sister of Providence Mary Alice Chineworth appeared as radiant as any young bride one has ever witnessed. Supported on the arms of her nephew and grandnephew, Sister Alice walked slowly, taking in the beautiful music, the smiling faces of the assembled and the scent of the lush floral arrangements sent by dear friends as a special tribute. At just 94 years young, this was the moment she and the Oblates had been planning for many months, celebrating Sister Alice’s jubilant 75 years of religious life.

Chant may gain traction under new missal, but hymnody’s place secure
Aug 28 2011
WASHINGTON – Although the new General Instruction of the Roman Missal has eliminated the use of the word “song” from the General Instruction promulgated just eight years earlier in favor of the word “chant,” don’t be so quick to ditch those hymnals.

Military members, their families enjoy sharing faith with many cultures
Aug 20 2011
MADRID – Although he and his group were unable to get very close to welcome Pope Benedict XVI to World Youth Day, Erick Arellano, a senior airman with the U.S. Air Force, still felt the excitement of being among the thousands that packed the Spanish capital’s Plaza de Cibeles.

'Chicago' rock musician brings St. Alphonsus's music to life
Aug 19 2011
Putting Ray Herrmann on stage is like uncorking a bottle of champagne.