Spalding baseball, softball on a roll
Apr 20 2016
Archbishop Spalding High School is enjoying an unparalleled spring in on both the baseball and softball.

Notre Dame Prep extends lacrosse winning streak
Apr 14 2016
Notre Dame Preparatory School strengthened its IAAM lacrosse standing with a 17-7 victory at Maryvale Preparatory.

BCL Hall of Fame inductees include playing, coaching pioneer
Apr 11 2016
Twelve men will be inducted into the BCL Hall of Fame on May 3, including Jean Fugett, winner of the 2016 Pathfinder Award.

Booth, Villanova in NCAA final means late night for Mount St. Joseph
Apr 05 2016
Booth came off the Villanova bench and scored a team-high 20 points in their 77-74 victory over the University of North Carolina.

Babe Ruth never forgot influence of Xaverian brother
Mar 24 2016
Babe Ruth: "Don’t get the idea that I’m proud of my harum-scarum youth. I’m not. I simply had a rotten start in life, and it took me a long time to get my bearings."

Lou Holtz delivers message on trust, commitment and love
Mar 16 2016
“In life, you have two choices,” Holtz said, “you can pick yourself up or stay down. But you can’t ever count on anybody else to pick you up.”

Harbaugh discusses faith in adversity at sold-out Catholic Men’s Conference
Mar 07 2016
"We choose hope or hopeless," Harbaugh said. "We work together or alone. We turn our face humbly to our God, or we turn our back."

Sophomore Quickley lifts John Carroll to basketball title
Mar 01 2016
Coach Tony Martin’s Patriots leaned heavily on a Harford County talent to claim the title in the 45th annual Baltimore Catholic League tournament.

Mount St. Joseph takes top seed into 45th annual BCL tournament
Feb 22 2016
St. Frances Academy senior Daquan Bracey and John Carroll sophomore Immanuel Quickley were honored as the top players.

Mount St. Joseph seeks to restore order to wrestling world
Feb 11 2016
Come the evening of Feb. 13, Mount St. Joseph would dearly love to have order restored to the high school wrestling world.