Hike Catholic Baltimore’s main street – Charles
May 29 2012
Motorists zip up N. Charles Street, perhaps unaware that they are passing places where Catholics made history.

Archbishop Lori's family, friends arrive for the installation
May 15 2012
After a 12-hour bus ride, Archbishop William E. Lori’s friends and family arrived at St. Mary’s Seminary and University in Roland Park May 14.

Book Review: Religious travelogue has interesting premise that remains unfulfilled
Apr 25 2012
"Places of Faith: A Road Trip Across America's Religious Landscape" is a glimpse into a cross-country journey.

Older residents can travel the globe
Apr 24 2012
Adventure has a name, but it’s not Indiana Jones. It’s Barbara Walker, a 93-year-old globe-trotter.

Avoiding damage for poor likely to be 2012 focus of Washington advocates
Jan 08 2012
WASHINGTON – With election-year politics pretty much guaranteed to clog up the process of passing legislation this year even more than partisan posturing did in 2011, Washington wish lists for policy and legislation are brief and heavy on defensive thinking.

Westminster parish marks 40 years of basketball, thanks to veteran volunteers
Jan 06 2012
WESTMINSTER – Sitting in the bleachers as the repeated booming echoes of bouncing basketballs filled St. John’s gymnasium, Larry Baker and Donald “Bo” Yingling seemed like proud fathers.

What Makes a Catholic Hospital Catholic
Jan 05 2012
Several times each year, patients suffering from rheumatic fever come to a Baltimore-area hospital for open heart surgery to repair their damaged hearts. They receive world-class medical care at no cost to them and they and their traveling companions are given complimentary hospitality until the patient is able to return home. St. Joseph Medical Center is the hospital where the surgery is performed and it is the Catholic institution that absorbs the cost of such a gift. This is one of countless examples of the uniqueness of St. Joseph’s and why its Franciscan, Catholic identity makes this hospital so special.

Co-workers with God for economic justice
Jan 05 2012
Shall crime bring crime forever Strength aiding still the strong? Is it your will, O Father That men shall toil For wrong? from the musical, “Godspell”

New CRS president gives back to faith that propelled her
Dec 21 2011
FOURTH IN A SERIES PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Carolyn Woo learned English from Maryknoll missioner sisters. In tears her first day at Purdue University because she couldn’t decipher a campus map, she found solace at its Newman Center. Woo met and married her husband at Purdue, and its church bell rang when she defended her doctoral dissertation there.

Filipino Catholic has gift of making sacred images appear on rose petals
Dec 14 2011
SANTA MARIA, Philippines – In the early afternoon on a recent Saturday, an endless line of believers gathered at the altar of the Shrine of the Mother of the Eucharist and Grace.