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On money matters, one size does not fit all
Dec 09 2013
Whether you are 50 or 90, investing and financial matters are not “one size fits all.”

‘Wall Street Whiz Kid’ says best financial guide is the oldest one
Apr 26 2012
Peter Grandich, dubbed “The Wall Street Whiz Kid” by Good Morning America’s Steve Crowley, say some of the best financial advice comes from the Bible.

In Malawi, aid agencies eye simple changes to help resist drought
Nov 13 2011
SAGAWIKA, Malawi – With a little mulch from last season’s corn stalks, a deeper hole with more seeds and a few other tweaks of traditional corn-planting techniques, the villages of Nduwa and Sagawika might make it through the next drought in better shape.

Keeping it real: Preserving native art requires respect for cultures
Oct 08 2011
VATICAN CITY – Ceremonial and sacred objects from different parts of the world present enormous challenges for art restorers; they must clean, repair and preserve very unusual and delicate materials such as blue kingfisher bird feathers glued onto an 18th-century Chinese metal headdress or hair and reptile skin decorating an Ethiopian string instrument made out of a gourd.

Claverism in Baltimore
Sep 29 2011
As the Premier See of American Catholicism, Baltimore has always occupied an important place in the history of the church in America. This preeminence extends also to the history of Catholics of color. In addition to being home to the oldest religious community of women of color and the oldest parochial church canonically erected for the use of Catholics of color, Baltimore also holds an early place within the history of the Knights of Peter Claver.

Ravens’ Matt Birk speaks up for life
Mar 15 2011
ANNAPOLIS – Planned Parenthood almost seemed like a permanent fixture in the Minnesota community where Baltimore Raven Matt Birk grew up. Located just two miles from his home in St. Paul, the abortion clinic operated for three straight decades.

U.S., world food systems called unsustainable for people or planet
Nov 01 2010
WASHINGTON – The growing adoption of U.S.-style industrial farming practices worldwide puts too much stress on the planet and deceives people into thinking that the world will be able to keep feeding a growing population, currently 6.8 billion.

Mercy Medical Center launches groundbreaking stem cell program
Oct 12 2010
Nineteen-month-old Mason Shaffer has no qualms about somersaulting off a couch in his family’s Pennsylvania home. He’s equally fearless when exploring new surroundings or playing a spirited round of peek-a-boo with his mother.

Women gain fiscal sense through Catholic Charities finance classes
Aug 27 2010
My Sister’s Place Women’s Center in Baltimore is equipping its clients with the financial know-how to secure stable and more confident futures. The center is accomplishing its goals for the financial security of women through the offering of a financial literacy class in partnership with Baltimore CASH Campaign.

Put people at center of economic policies, pope says
Jun 14 2010
VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI said the current economic crisis has highlighted the need for European financial institutions to place people at the center of their policies and practices.

Analysis: Economics, era lead to reorganization of Archdiocesan schools
Mar 03 2010
When Monsignor Robert L. Hartnett was appointed executive director of schools planning for the Archdiocese of Baltimore in early 2009, the task was unenviable: head a team that would develop recommendations concerning school consolidations.

Pope says fasting in Lent opens hearts to God, hands to the poor
Feb 03 2009
VATICAN CITY – Fasting from food and detaching oneself from material goods during Lent help believers open their hearts to God and open their hands to the poor, Pope Benedict XVI said.

People, Places, Things
Feb 03 2009
Woodmont Academy students in Cooksville devoted Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to a day of apostolic service, performing works that benefitted the school community and a school in El Salvador.

Year in Review: Financial woes leave millions wondering how far down economy can go
Dec 26 2008
WASHINGTON – History likely will frame 2008 as the year America overcame lingering questions about racism as the country elected its first African-American president in Barack Obama.

Catholic survivor of Great Depression has not lost hope in economy
Nov 22 2008
PORTLAND, Ore. – Although Mary Barnes did not know much about the 1929 stock market crash that occurred when she was 5, she knew something was awry in the world. Mrs. Barnes, born Mary Oster, and her seven siblings, were shielded from the family’s budget woes by their parents.