Charity & Volunteering


Longtime Social Ministry Convocation attendees say service is part of who they are
Mar 10 2014
Ralph E. Moore Jr. and Gerard H. O'Connor have both dedicated years of their lives to helping others.

Despite HUD funding recall, Catholic agencies say services continue as planned
Feb 28 2014
St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore does not expect its programs to be affected by the recall of federal funding Baltimore City distributed to the agency, said John Schiavone, St. Vincent de Paul CEO.

Archdiocese ends fiscal year in strong position
Feb 21 2014
Buoyed by increased contributions and a strengthened economy, the Archdiocese of Baltimore ended Fiscal Year 2012-2013 in a stronger position.

CRS Rice Bowl Lenten program has new twists: an app, recipes, contest
Feb 05 2014
When trying to change one’s eating habits, especially cutting calories, there’s nothing like getting some made-to-order recipes from a popular chef to help keep one motivated.

Muddy hands, warm hearts: Bowl-making for St. Vincent de Paul fundraiser a way to give back
Feb 05 2014
Empty Bowls showcases soups from Baltimore-area restaurants and includes raffles, entertainment and a silent auction.

House of Hope: Lake Shore parish’s turn at providing shelter includes array of services, fellowship
Jan 30 2014
Joyce Wiesner recalls the first time she recognized the face of Jesus.

Five takeaways from the bishops’ new statement on poverty
Jan 20 2014
Maryland’s Catholic bishops released a joint statement Jan. 20 urging fair treatment of workers.

Little Sisters of the Poor stand firm against mandate
Jan 13 2014
The sisters object to having to provide contraceptives, sterilizations and abortifacient drugs within their employee health insurance coverage.

Young professionals groups tap into neglected demographic
Jan 10 2014
Boys Hope Girls Hope, the Ronald McDonald House and the basilica are among organizations starting young professionals groups.

Polar vortex spurs additional beds for homeless, strands Spalding basketball team
Jan 08 2014
UPDATED: As Baltimore braced itself against sub-zero wind chill temperatures, Catholic Charities teamed with the city to house homeless people.