Working Families


Catholic chaplain accompanies anguished circus workers on final tour
Apr 27 2017
Father George ‘Jerry’ Hogan, national circus chaplain for 24 years, celebrated Easter Mass for Ringling circus staff.

Maryland lawmakers hear testimony on paid sick leave
Feb 10 2017
Mary Ellen Russell, executive director of the Maryland Catholic Conference, said the bill allows people to "balance their work with the needs they have at home."

Economy of communion offers second chances, promotes sharing, pope says
Feb 06 2017
One cannot be a Christian if one worships idols, Pope Francis said, and "one of the most powerful idols is money."

Interfaith rally at St. Ignatius demands paid sick leave for this year
Jan 12 2016
Representatives of several faiths gathered at St. Ignatius in Baltimore to push for the passage of paid sick leave this year.

Renovated St. Vincent de Paul shelter broadens options for families
Dec 29 2015
How does a family end up homeless? “Sometimes it’s an illness or a car breaking down,” said Toni Boulware Stackhouse of Sarah’s Hope.

Women CEOs say faith guides their work in bringing Gospel to the needy
Oct 27 2015
Together, the Catholic organizations led by three women serve millions of people each year across the United States and around the world.

For Catonsville couple, Christmas giving means hundreds of trees
Dec 01 2014
“Who better to honor with a Christmas tree than National Guardsmen and their families?” Daniel Simons said.

How can students and their families make college affordable?
May 03 2014
Here are 10 ways to curb college debt.

Artistry meets dentistry in Catholic couple’s Frederick periodontal office
Mar 29 2014
Walking into Frederick Periodontal Associates feels more like entering a grand home than a periodontics office.

Longtime Social Ministry Convocation attendees say service is part of who they are
Mar 10 2014
Ralph E. Moore Jr. and Gerard H. O'Connor have both dedicated years of their lives to helping others.

As politicians, bishops take sides, minimum wage raise winners, losers uncertain
Feb 11 2014
The Maryland Minimum Wage Act proposes to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 incrementally by 2016 and index it to the cost of living.

Minimum wage too little to live on, bishops, workers say
Sep 02 2013
Kali Radke, unable to find full-time work, struggles to support herself and her daughter on minimum wage. Stories such as Radke’s demonstrate an economic injustice.

Highlandtown parish surpasses campaign goal by 500 percent
Jul 08 2013
Redemptorist Father Robert Wojtek talks about his parish's success with the archdiocesan capital campaign.

Former client now welcomes visitors at Our Daily Bread
Oct 03 2012
A workforce development program, Work 4 Success provides Our Daily Bread clients with job readiness training.

High schools see rising costs
Aug 22 2012
Mary Ann Hultquist has three priorities: paying the mortgage, putting food on the table and footing the bill for her children’s Catholic education.