Dr. H. P. Bianchi is an assistant professor of history at a local community college, where he teaches courses on Western Civilization and Asian history. He received his master’s degree in modern German history from the University of Connecticut and his doctorate from The Catholic University of America. His research focuses on the question of secularization in Britain and the United States.

Dr. Bianchi is happily married and the father of two sons and a daughter. When not working, you might find him perusing one of his interests in gardening, disc golf, hiking, cooking and traveling.


February 2016
January 2016

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Great article, Hanael! We need more of our Catholic institutions to reflect the truths and beauty of Jesus Christ and a life lived in him. I consider it one of my life's greatest blessings to have attended FUS. Go, Barons!


Wouldn't it be great to make the cost more accessible to MORE students who won't be bogged down by massive loans. Love Franciscan, dislike the cost.



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