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Aha! And here people say things all the time when they see me carrying our boys. So funny! LOVE your point about answering the questions. There are so many questions and they are all important and interesting and must, must, must be answered. When I can't answer because I don't know, our boys are so disappointed. But I really do try. I love questions!


Shoot, 5 and 7 isn't too old to be held! Those are the ages of our two youngest, and they sit on my lap all the time. The five year old gets carried, and I'd carry the 7 year old if I was bigger. Thankfully, my oldest is gigantic and will pick up the 7 year old. It makes the 7 year old so, so happy. You are doing a great job. I agree with all of these tips! One other I would add, to go with listen, is to answer. Kids can ask SO MANY QUESTIONS! They never end sometimes, yet it is so important to answer questions to the best of our ability when they are young so they will be more likely to do it when they are older.