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Thank you, Allison! You are much too kind! I had seen the idea of picking a person to pray for every day on another blog and LOVED it!


YOu always come up with the greatest ideas!! Those lucky boys!! #RockStarMom


7 Quick Takes: Enjoying the pseudo-spring, lost and found items, The Andy Griffith Show, more Pokemon, and more


We are enjoying the most beautiful weather. I know this isn’t how February is supposed to be in Baltimore, and I know our boys were rooting for some snow—and some snow days—but you won’t hear me complaining.

We’ve spent some marvelous time outside, all without gloves and hats and…dare I say, coats.

When I picked the boys up from school yesterday, I noticed we had forgotten coats the day before…or the day before that. That’s not unusual for us in the fall or the spring, but I can’t remember the last time that happened during what is usually the middle of the winter.


We lost Leo’s lunchbox for a few days. I couldn’t figure out how we managed to lose track of a lunchbox over the long Presidents’ Day Weekend. I am not exceptionally organized, but I can’t think of the last thing Leo lost—ever. So I was sure I was to blame. We looked everywhere, of course.

Then a few days into the week, after I ordered a new lunchbox, Leo found the missing one. Where was it? Inside another student’s backpack.

Old and new

How did it get there? I have no idea. But if you’re ever missing a lunchbox, just buy a new one, and the lost lunchbox is bound to show up.


Our children are on an Andy Griffith kick right now. Naturally, they didn’t find The Andy Griffith Show on their own. Their father introduced them to it. I didn’t grow up watching much TV, so I don’t really have any favorite shows to share with them. Fortunately my husband is able to make up for this gap in my expertise.

I am enjoying getting to know Andy Griffith myself, but my favorite part is listening to our children laugh and laugh. When we watched this scene, they thought it was so funny we had to watch it again. 


Eight years ago a few weeks after we were matched with Leo—but before we met him—my oldest sister and her husband gave birth to their fourth child, a baby boy. Now Origen is 8 and smack in the middle between our boys, who are 7 and 9.

Our children have a wealth of cousins who are their age. Our 9-year-old has three other cousins who were born the same year, and our 7-year-old has two who were born the same year he was.

I was thinking back to before we became parents, as we watched children being born into our extended family. We had no idea that our children would slide so easily into the mix. But they have, and their cousins are some of their favorite playmates.

And this is the birthday card we made for Origen, using chocolate coins. Because candy cards are the best—or, well, they’re what we’re able to make when we forget to buy cards.


When we went to take a balloon to our nephew Georgie’s grave last week, I realized we had never gone to remove the Christmas wreath my sister had placed there. Our boys had decorated ornaments and hung them on it, but somehow we hadn’t been back before the cemetery took the wreaths away.

But as I was placing the balloon, I noticed that one of the ornaments had fallen off and was sitting there in the grass, just waiting for me.

So I picked it up, and I will give it to my sister for Georgie’s treasure box.

It’s such a little thing, but I’m so happy that we have one piece of this Christmas to hold onto.


We are still going gangbusters for Pokemon Go, especially with all the new Pokemon that are in the game now.

I don’t know when and how our excitement will die down. And the wonderful spring-like weather is making it even more fun to chase them down.

But we have a long way to go before we catch them all.


If you’re looking for something to do with your children for Lent, there are a million terrific ideas out there. And here’s a link to the coloring book I made for our children a few years ago.

Just download and print for free!

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2/23/2017 10:04:40 PM
By Rita Buettner