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Thank you, Allison! You are much too kind! I had seen the idea of picking a person to pray for every day on another blog and LOVED it!


YOu always come up with the greatest ideas!! Those lucky boys!! #RockStarMom


7 Quick Takes: When you go to work and watch people break a world record live on The Today Show and other moments from the week


I started my work day at Loyola University Maryland at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday as we prepared to welcome Al Roker and The Today Show to campus. Even typing that, I almost can't believe the day actually happened, but the night before I was more worried I would sleep in and miss my first shift. I stopped for coffee on my way to campus, and there was a line at 4 a.m. I realized how many people work all hours of the day.

When I arrived on campus, I stopped to chat with a student and she told me she had started working in catering at 2 a.m. that day, and it occurred to me that my start time was late.

The campus early in the morning

As for me, when I started my shift, I found a conference room full of smiling, excited colleagues who couldn’t wait to get the day started. I am so fortunate to have my job.


So our Loyola students—and some of my colleagues—came together to break a Guinness World Record for crab walking live on The Today Show while Al Roker visited and delivered his weather reports from campus. I can’t even capture all the excitement of that morning.

Students were cheering in the line to check in to crab walk before 5 a.m. Everyone I encountered was smiling. It was a cold morning—cold enough the ink in my pens froze and I had to stop taking notes—but the energy was magnificent.

During the two-minute crab walk, as 500 people attempted to break the record, we were all yelling and cheering. And everywhere I looked, I saw people interacting and connecting. What a day!

I got to spend time with some of my favorite colleagues, including Fr. Tim Brown, S.J.


I even got to go to the airport the day before with a group of students to welcome Al Roker to Baltimore. I had originally thought I would bring some apples and breakfast bars for the students, but then I decided we should make it a little more interesting and add the logo one of my colleagues designed for the event. So everyone got a Rokerthon snack sack.

I am just so proud to be a part of such a fantastic team of people, and I am tremendously proud of our students for representing Loyola so well—and for breaking a world record!

Alex at The Catholic Review captured a video of the crab walk

I could go on and on and on about this experience, but these are supposed to be quick takes. But trust was a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I still can't believe I was lucky enough to be a part of it.

Yes, that's Al Roker in a Loyola sweatshirt.


We bought a new couch back in January, but we haven’t managed to get rid of the old couch yet. Our children are very attached to it. It’s also really nice to have the one couch we use and the other one that we admire from a distance.

One day, though, we may get rid of the couch. Maybe.


Our 7-year-old can be rough and tumble and a whirlwind of energy. He can also be the gentlest creature you can imagine. I loved watching him stand quietly and focus on a ladybug the other day.


All week Daniel has been asking to go fishing. Waiting for the weekend has been torture.

“Why can’t we take a day off of school and go fishing?”

Why, indeed? Some questions have no answers. Some have too many.

The weekend is here, and we are going fishing—as long as it’s not freezing cold or raining hard.


Dreams do come true. When I woke up yesterday morning, Leo had packed his own lunch and filled the water bottles for school. The only catch was that he had packed some pepperoni in his lunch, and I had to swap it out for smoked salmon. But I was impressed. He is definitely a morning person, and he knows what he likes, so I might have to get out of bed early if I want to beat him to the kitchen.

~You Thought There Were Only 7, But April Fools!~

While we were visiting my in-laws on the Eastern Shore last week, we took a walk down to the Corsica River.

I have never explored that area much—though we lived in Centreville, Md., for a few years as newlyweds. We walked between these rows of pine trees that were tall and breathtaking.

We walked down to the river and explored.

I have to admit that I have never been much of a fan of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We lived there for a couple years when we were first married, and it was a good place to start our marriage. We had a sweet little apartment, and the one pizza place in town made some amazing garlic knots. But the beauty of the area just doesn’t usually speak to me.

Maybe it’s because I’m a city girl at heart? I’m not sure. But on this walk I felt I got a glimpse into why so many people seem to feel drawn to that area.

Read more quick takes at Kelly’s blog, This Ain’t the Lyceum. Have a wonderful weekend!

4/1/2017 7:46:36 AM
By Rita Buettner