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1. Training wheels teach the wrong way to balance a bicycle. Best not to buy any. 2. Best to start with a balance bike. Instead of actually buying one, take the pedals off, put the seat down so they can stand over the bicycle with the seat just under their rear. Take them to a grass slight hill. Have them walk the bicycle, learning how to steer to keep the bicycle under them. Once they can keep the bicycle going straight, they can start to coast by sitting down and lifting their feet and coasting downhill. Once they can coast a long way, they can put the pedals back on. As they become more skilled, raise the seat toward the slightly bent at the knees at the bottom position.


Did you hear that the mayor of Nice also said nuns wouldn't be welcome on the beach in habits? (Not to mention that rather than, say, asking the woman to leave they made her TAKE OFF her clothing. How violating. It just makes my blood boil.)