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A Man for Others: Blakefield grad’s service extends to Haiti

By Maureen Cromer

When Rory Szymanowski graduated from Loyola Blakefield June 5, he not only left memories, but also a legacy of service at the Towson school. That mark included not just his four years there, but another school as well.
While at St. Margaret School in Bel Air, Szymanowski became involved in its support of St. Rose of Lima School in Haiti, which became his senior project.
“Rory is a good example of how passing on the ‘Good News’ is working in our world,” said Carol Delss, assistant principal of St. Margaret School. “His deeds exhibit the corporal works of mercy.”
St. Margaret has long raised funds and performed service projects for its sister school in Jacsonville, Haiti, and  Szymanowski holds the people of St. Rose close to his heart. 
“My service to St. Rose of Lima is deeply ingrained in me,” said Szymanowski. “We’ve done service for them at St. Margaret’s for as long as I can remember. I wanted to try to do something for them, while also bringing it to Loyola.” 
Along with a group of classmates, he planned a fundraiser for the Haitian school involving a concert and various other activities for Loyola students.
While the concert was postponed to next school year, Szymanowski was able to bring St. Rose of Lima School’s founder to Loyola to speak to the students, about the people in Haiti, their lives, and why Blakefield students should help.
“Rory stands out because of his commitment to helping the school in Haiti and providing tuition money for students there,” said Gayle Smith, a Loyola Blakefield teacher. “I think that Rory demonstrates a readiness and willingness to use his personal strengths to benefit not just himself, but the world around him.”
Along with his love of service, Szymanowski was also a member of Model United Nations.
“Model U.N. was an excellent opportunity,” he said, “for me to work with thousands of students not only from around the country, but from around the world.”
Szymanowski will next attend Loyola University Maryland, where he plans to major in business and entrepreneurship. He will bring with him his love of a Haitian school and its students. 
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