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A thank you in the sky (and a prayer for our healthcare heroes)

When we realized we would probably be able to see the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds as they flew over Baltimore, I was so excited. We live just north of Baltimore, and the map that was circulating on Facebook suggested that we should have a decent view from our front yard.Gov. Larry Hogan had declared Saturday Healthcare Heroes Day, and the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds would be flying over as a thank you to those serving on the front lines in the pandemic.

We went outside to wait and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Sunshine makes the quarantine life so much more pleasant.

I had my phone with me, and both of the boys had devices ready to record the event, too. That ended up being key because when the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds appeared, I was apparently so excited to watch them that I hit the wrong button and captured nothing worth sharing.

Each of the boys, though, captured different views and still managed to enjoy the moment. These children truly are digital natives.

It all happened very quickly as the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flew in formation across the sky and then turned south. It was stirring and emotional and magnificent. I hope it’s an experience our sons will remember for years.

God, please keep our healthcare heroes healthy and safe, especially during this pandemic. Thank you for giving us such wise, compassionate professionals to serve and bring healing to so many. Please continue to bless them with courage and strength. May they feel you walking with them each day. Amen.