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A tiny sign of hope

I was washing my hands in the bathroom when I heard someone screaming.

Some mothers may be able to interpret their children’s screams. I can never tell whether it’s an argument over a toy, someone is bleeding, or the house is on fire.

As I opened the bathroom door, I saw our younger son leaping around the room.

“Hermione laid an egg!” he yelled. “She laid an egg! Come and see!”

I followed him and his big brother to our finches’ cage, and there in the nest was a tiny, perfect egg.

Wow. Yikes. Hooray? Oh, my.

Looking at the egg, I felt a little excited, a little awed, and a little overwhelmed. Were we going to have baby finches? What would we do with them? Suddenly the hypothetical felt rather real. But this wasn’t the moment to figure anything out. I celebrated with my sons, took a picture of the egg, texted their dad in the basement to let him know, and then logged onto a work meeting.

Meanwhile, our biggest bird enthusiast was beside himself with joy. I had told the boys weeks ago that an egg doesn’t necessarily mean a baby bird. But it was exciting, and we were proud of Hermione for laying such a lovely little egg in the nest she and Ron have built.

Within a few hours, the birds pushed the egg out of the nest, and I saw Hermione eat it. It wasn’t a fertile egg, and apparently it’s normal for the mother to consume it. Nature is fascinating and strange and happening in our living room.

I was afraid everyone would be sad, and we were a little disappointed, but we talked about the excitement of the egg. The boys are hopeful there will be another. Somehow, anything seems possible now.

That tiny little egg had such potential, such beauty, and so much opportunity. There’s something incredibly special about a vessel that might contain a new little being for the world.

What joy. What wonder. What hope.

What a beautiful little gift from God, arriving in our ordinary day, full of expectation and promise.

Just think of what He might share with us tomorrow.

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