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Answering prayers

There are consistently at least five names at the top of my prayer list on which I focus until either their situation changes (prayer answered!) or until other names replace them.It isn’t that I don’t want to continue praying for those being pushed down the list, it’s that I can’t keep up! And that’s not counting my regular litany of prayers, which includes protection, happiness and good health for my kids, hubby, grandkids, mamma, siblings, nieces, nephews,  friends and me!

There’s a scene in the 2003 movie, “Bruce Almighty,” in which Jim Carrey’s character, Bruce (gifted with God’s power for a week), is at the computer typing at lightening speed to answer more than three million emails containing prayer requests. His fingers fly over the keyboard as he answers “YES” or “NO” on each. It’s comical, of course, yet if God actually had a computer and access to email (wait, does he???), it seems this is what he would look like in his office trying to keep up with all the prayers he hears.

In his greatness, certainly God Almighty can keep up with prayer requests. Do you marvel as I do at just how almighty he is to manage the listening and acting on the millions upon billions upon trillions of prayer requests from around the world which pour in every day?

I keep a small black prayer box near my San Damiano cross where I pray in my walk-in closet and I have trouble keeping up with writing names and causes on pieces of paper to place in the box. Seems while I’m still praying for the top people on my list: for good blood test results … for cancer diagnoses … for a death in the family … for restored health after a hospitalization … for someone who had a stroke … for a good pregnancy and delivery … more people and causes I learn of through friends and Facebook push their way to the top of the list.

Praying is a busy job!

Poor God, he has to pay closer attention than I do listening to all those prayer requests… and he answers them! I don’t know how he does it.

I shall try my best to keep up my part of praying for my friends, family and acquaintances … but THANK GOD we have God to handle and keep up with the heavy duty stuff.