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Archbishop Lori remembers Justice Scalia

By Christopher Gunty
Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore said he was privileged to meet Justice Scalia numerous times and to be in his presence.
“He was, as everyone has commented, larger than life, brilliant,” the archbishop said. “He was as well very witty and funny.”
Scalia died Feb. 13 at age 79.
The archbishop said he particularly recalled a time when Scalia spoke at the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick in Washington, which the archbishop described as a typically tough crowd. “He brought the house down. From a human point of view, he was remarkable.”
Archbishop Lori noted that Scalia took his faith seriously and loved his faith.
“He followed what the church believes and teaches,” the archbishop said. “He and his wife Maureen were an exemplary Catholic family, (giving) the gift of a priest to the church.” The Scalias have nine children. Father Paul Scalia is episcopal vicar for clergy and director of the diaconate formation program for the Diocese of Arlington, Va.
From a legal standpoint, the archbishop said, “Whether one agrees or not with his juridical approach, he was a brilliant jurist. I think that even those who disagreed with him widely appreciated him and he took positions that were widely appreciated within the church.”
Since with only eight surviving members of the Supreme Court at this time, it is possible that some of the cases pending before the court this term could end in a 4-4 decision. In that case, a split decision effectively upholds the ruling of the lower court, for example, a state supreme court or a circuit court. Such a ruling does not necessarily set a precedent and the high court can rehear arguments on the case when there are nine justices present.
Among the cases before the court for which decisions are expected by the end of the term is the challenge by the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious organizations to the Health and Human Services mandate under the Affordable Care Act to provide contraceptives to all employees.
“There’s no doubt that (Scalia’s) death introduces instability in the court and that instability is a source of concern,” Archbishop Lori said.

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