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Communion Prep with YouTube

Even though we’d been preparing for months, Collin was nervous about receiving his First Holy Communion. I would pretend to be the sacristan in front of the kitchen counter, administering unconsecrated Triscuits and water from a Waterford goblet. Time after time he’d forget something when he approached the “altar.” Hands folded in prayer, a bow, the laying of one palm atop the other, the sign of the cross. He got some, but not all of it right.So I resorted to the number one source of extracurricular education for kids Collin’s age, YouTube, for advice.

I came upon a video by Busted Halo that explains step-by-step how to receive the Eucharist. There were some comical examples, but ultimately, a beautifully executed reception of the blessed sacrament is displayed.Once he saw someone else do it up close, Collin had a clear picture of what would be expected of him on his big day and on all of the sacred celebrations to follow.