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Everything about Lent is awesome (in rhyme)

This Lent is fantastic! Believe it, it’s true.

We are ready for Easter! We’ve nothing to do!

We’ve been to confession a few dozen times,

We’ve fasted and prayed and saved all of our dimes

To fill up our rice bowls ’til they’ve overflowed.

Yes, we smile as we skip down this long Lenten road.

We’re closer to Jesus—he’s our BFF,

We sing Lenten hymns in a strong treble clef.

This Lent just goes on with its lovely allure,

As fish sticks and tuna we’ve loved by the score.

We’re praying and praying and praying all day,

We love Stations so much we’ll keep going in May.

We gave something up, and we’ve stuck with it, too.

We make Mass so often they’ve labeled our pew.

And now here comes Holy Week, yippity yay!

And soon Lent will end…wait…what did you say?

We’re not even close? We are only half-through?

We have weeks left to go? Easter’s not within view?



I mean, Lent is so awesome. That’s terrific to hear.

We wish it came more, maybe six times a year.

But…it’s a little bit hard to stay on this same path.

You know, 40 long days…we can all do the math.

And, though we’ve been trying, we’ve failed quite a bit.

The first days of Lent, well…they were sure lit.

But this part of Lent is a little bit blah.

And it seems a long time since we had Mardi Gras.

Our stamina’s gone, and we’re feeling quite weak.

Temptation is real, and these Lent days are bleak.

Yet Jesus walks with us, His love for us strong,

And He knows—as we do—that this season is long.

We will fall, and we’ll sin, and we’ll say Lent’s a loss,

But the Lord fell himself as He carried His cross.

Though at times our excitement for Lent may grow thin,

Let’s be open to ways we are growing within.

(Written in verse in honor of National Poetry Month)