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Feast on yeast, Mother’s Day treats, closet reorganization, and more (7 Quick Takes)


What is it about a pandemic that makes people yearn for yeast? I’m not sure. But I did finally get my hands on some, and I made homemade pizza this week. It turned out so well the first time that I made it again a few days later.

The first time, though, the dough was so wet that I kept adding flour to it until it seemed right. The second time the dough was the right texture without any issues at all, and it made more dough than the first time. So, I think I must have measured completely wrong the first time.

This is the pizza crust recipe I used. I really like Sally’s Baking Addiction recipes. And Sally is a Loyola University Maryland grad, which is a bonus.


Our Mother’s Day tradition is going as a family to Radebaugh’s to pick out a flowering basket for our back porch. We always go up and down the aisles, trying to decide which one is prettiest and hardiest and best for us.

This year was different. My sister Treasa texted me that she was ordering some items from Radebaugh’s to have delivered to her front porch, and asked whether I wanted anything.

So, I asked her to order a flowering basket of begonias, and the boys and I went to her porch the day before Mother’s Day to pick it up.

“You’ll have to help me pick it out,” I told them as we walked up the porch steps. “Which one should we get?”

The boys looked at the porch with a single flowering basket sitting on it.

“There’s only one, Mom.”

“Well, look at that! And it’s just the right one!”

They may not think I’m all that funny, but they did carry it to the car for me.


I woke up Mother’s Day morning and decided that what I really wanted was to make cinnamon buns from scratch for the first time. So, that’s what I did. They were delicious.

I delivered a few to Treasa for her Mother’s Day birthday and stopped to visit with my parents, chatting with them from afar, standing in their backyard while I watched my mother open her gift from us—sugar cubes.

Then my mother gave me a failed hot milk sponge cake she had made for Treasa’s birthday. We used it for strawberry shortcake, and it was excellent.

I have a feeling I shouldn’t write quick takes while I’m hungry. The food theme is strong here.


My neighbor surprised me with a Mother’s Day gift! I think I’ve shared before that we have the best neighbors all around us, and it’s true. She made me a mask that is beautiful and reversible. There is nothing like a surprise gift, especially from a mom friend on Mother’s Day.

And now I feel well-prepared with two masks. So fancy. Like having multiple pairs of shoes. Do people still wear shoes out there?


During the ninth week of quarantine, we opened one of the school backpacks and found some snacks that have been in there for a thousand years.

Luckily they weren’t moist or moldy or anything, just stale and crumpled.

You know what they say, you should always keep an old Slim Jim wrapper in your backpack for good luck.


We’ve also reached the point in stay-at-home life where my younger son decided to organize my closet for me. He found all kinds of things, sorted my blazers by color, and created a sense of organization for the gift bags.

It’s the kind of task I would never think to take on, but he did it quite happily.

I have to figure out how to channel this energy next.


I met with our fourth-grade teachers this week and told them this just isn’t working. My son is just not getting what he needs out of the classes. He seems frustrated and discouraged. They listened so kindly and then we talked about options and a new plan. I believe we are going to be in a better place next week.

When we finished the call, I was telling my husband about it, and I said, “And they mentioned that some parents are asking for more work for their children.” I hadn’t even realized our fourth grader was listening, but his head whipped around and he gave this penetrating look and said, “Which ones?”

We’re not messing around anymore. Someone is to blame for the quantity of work, and we want names.

~Bonus Take~

This space offers a wonderful way to continue to connect and help create community. It also helps me grow spiritually.

So, when I win an award or receive an unexpected recognition, I’m always a little taken aback—and very honored. This week I was surprised and delighted to win a “Best of Show” in the MD-DC Press Association awards. I won for a piece I wrote almost exactly a year ago, “A graduation address by the rider-less Preakness horse, Bodexpress.”

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