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How to pray all day in 10 easy ways

Are you having difficulty finding time for prayer or berating yourself for forgetting to say prayers first thing in the morning or last duty of the evening?When you think of people praying, do you envision them kneeling next to their beds with folded hands and heads bent? Do you think praying should be done only in a church pew? Is there an allotted time we are supposed to pray? (And who dictates that?)

Chatting with God is easier than you think.

I do not claim to be the planet’s best prayer warrior, yet I do pray throughout the day in small ways. I figure cumulatively, it’s okay with God. What feels good for me is shooting up what I call “prayer flares” throughout the day … quick little prayers, yet good prayers nonetheless. Like so:

  1. Before I swing my legs out of bed and hit the ground running, I say at least The Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary, and then say, “Feet on the floor, gratitude galore.” If I never manage to get in more praying that morning as the dogs need to be walked and fed, house and office duties call, and of course, I immediately need to brew coffee … at least I’ve prayed that much. (Plus, I know I will have more to pray later.)
  1. When I hear a siren in the distance, I shoot up a prayer flare for the recipient of that ambulance or fire engine, and for the medics and firefighters on duty.
  1. When I see a homeless person or a beggar on the corner, I say a little prayer for them that the right assistance can find them – or they can find it.
  1. When I drive by a person changing a tire on the side of the highway (which makes me nervous for them!) I pray for their protection and for them to be soon on their way and out of danger.
  1. When I see a child walking to or from school without an adult, I pray for his/her safety.
  1. When I read a prayer request on social media, I stop and shoot up a prayer flare – because I said I would. (See When people ask us to pray)
  1. When I enter a situation that includes others (could be a meeting, a lunch, a social event), I ask for patience, calm, and enjoyment of the time together.
  1. When I drive past a bicyclist – or a nutty motorcyclist zips past my car steering insanely fast – I pray for protection of their exposed vulnerable bodies.
  1. When I sit down to write or type inspirational words, I ask God to allow good words and thoughts to flow through me onto the page; to ultimately touch, help, and validate the end user – the reader.
  1. And most often, I thank God for,  ask for his protection over and pray for the happiness and well-being of my 85-year-old mamma, my four kids, my three grandchildren, my two sisters and families, my brother and his family, my friends and their kids, and my husband and me. (Yes, don’t forget to include yourself in prayer.)

There is no absolute precise method we must use to pray … I think God merely appreciates that we do pray! He likes hearing from us, speaking back to us within our subconscious, and that we are his good prayer warriors to begin with. So don’t underestimate the power of uttering those quick prayer flares throughout the day. You may find them to be calming and effective.