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Most important parts of life

It is always a thrill to be asked by an usher to carry up the gifts during a liturgy.After I had carried up the bread and wine during a recent 11:30 a.m. Sunday Mass at St. Leo the Great in Little Italy, I returned to the pew and realized I hadn’t even concentrated on, or appreciated, the precious gifts I had been holding in my hands: what would become at the consecration Jesus’ body and blood.

They were gifts of the liturgy – Christ present among us in a special way and the greatest gift from God.

Instead I was focused ahead, wondering where to look. At the priest? At the altar girl? At the crucifix? Focused on smiling. Focused on not speeding up the aisle or walking too slow. Feeling conscious of the congregation’s watchful eyes. And certainly alert on not tripping in the aisle!

Sometimes our focal point in life is off. We should be looking at – and appreciating – what we are holding in our hands – life’s blessings and gifts. Yet instead we can easily become distracted and put too much attention on the less important parts.

Let’s remember to keep in sight our true gifts and blessings from God. Hold them in our hands. Feel them. Carry them along. Focus strongly on them and their significance. And know they are the most important parts of life.