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Nine ways to have fun in church

While texting with my Jewish friend, Deb, on a Sunday morning about our afternoon plans, I told her my husband and I would pick up her and her husband after church. She texted back, “Ok. Have fun in church!”Have fun in church? I don’t think so. We Catholics don’t attend church to “have fun,” not a common concept we’d typically relate to Mass attendance. Some may equate church with a solemn quiet hour of slower songs, reflection and the occasional wordy homily – which might seem like the reverse of fun. Some people – like my kids did every Sunday growing up – even say church can be boring. I say you will get out of it what you put into it!

As my husband and I were sitting in the pew, I thought, wait, can we have fun in church? The more I contemplated the concept, the more I thought … hmmm, why not?? So I looked around and considered nine ways I have fun in church:

I like to think God has a good sense of humor. So who says we can’t have fun in church?