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Schoolwork at Home (A mother’s lament in rhyme)

“Mom I am.Oh, Mom I am.

I love to be just Mom I am.

What’s that? Here comes a quarantine?

But what could all that home time mean?”

“Here comes the schoolwork—there’s a lot.

So make sure that each day you plot.”

“I’m teaching math? And ELA?

Can’t we just let the kids go play?”

“Just go online, and you will see

The schoolwork folders—43!

Each one has work for them to do,

But first you’ll need to sort it through.

Make lists and maps—and here’s a key

To how to upload. This app’s free!

Set up a password, add a file,

It’s all such fun you’re sure to smile.

For learning’s always lots of fun,

The teaching lottery you’ve won!

There’s art and music, PE too,

And health and science—all for you!”

“I do not like schoolwork at home.

I’d rather pick lice with a comb.

I don’t have all the techy skills,

I work all day to pay the bills.

I don’t know how to fractions teach,

And Spartan history’s out of reach.”

“Do you like it in a stack?

Do you like it with a snack?”

“I do not like it in a stack.

I do not like it with a snack.

Not on a screen, not on a sheet,

Not one more thing marked incomplete.

I cannot take this schoolwork life.

It causes such sheer angst and strife.

Ack! Look at all these links online!”

“Just make a schedule. You’ll be fine.”

“Not this workload! That’s all day!

There won’t be time for food or play.

And I can’t access all that stuff.

We’ll never ever do enough.

I do not like schoolwork at home.

It makes me want to writhe and moan.

I just want time to be a fam.

I cannot do it, Mom I am.”

Written with great appreciation and admiration for our wonderful teachers and recognition that none of us wants to be in this spot. Also with a generous nod to Dr. Seuss during National Poetry Month.