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RADIO INTERVIEW: The Shroud of Turin

Is the Shroud of Turin the burial cloth of Christ? Millions of people around the world believe the 14-foot linen is authentic, based on the details – including a photo-negative of a man crucified in the same manner described in Scripture and blood stains – because it seems no artist in the Middle Ages could have created it, since the principles of photographer were not known for another five centuries. As we celebrate Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus, Catholic Review Editor Christopher Gunty talks with Myra Kahn Adams, a Shroud devotee who helped bring a temporary exhibit about it to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. Adams talks about the Shroud’s history and the scientific studies into it – and whether we need “proof” of the Resurrection via a piece of cloth in order to believe in the risen Savior.

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CatholicReview · Apr. 17, 2022 | The Shroud of Turin

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