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RADIO INTERVIEW: Dante Barksdale’s Last Act

Dante Barksdale had some wrongs in his life, but in the end he became a peacemaker in Baltimore’s Safe Streets program before his own life was snuffed out by gun violence. Baltimore-based Panacea Media made a documentary film, “Dante Barksdale’s Last Act,” to reflect on the redemption and healing that came toward the end of Dante’s life when the woman whose son he killed in a car accident forgave him 20 years later. Their story inspired another woman to forgive the man who accidentally ran down her son.

Christopher Gunty talks with Daniel O’Connor, who produced the film, and the two inspiring mothers – Kenyati Gerald and Terri Abbott – who forgave the men who took the life of their sons. 

Listen to the full show below.

CatholicReview · Aug. 1, 2021 | Dante Barksdale’s last Act

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