Guest Commentary

These opinion columns have been submitted to the Catholic Review from various guest columnists. 


A tip of the hat to former seminarians
May 04 2016
Among those who walked that seminary trail for a time, some truly are dedicated laymen who serve the church and society in many, many ways over many, many years

Reflections of a mom
Apr 28 2016
What would I want for our two boys? The answer: That they know their gifts as blessings from God, work hard to cultivate these gifts and never use their gifts to put people down but to lift people up.

Focusing on the common good
Apr 04 2016
The common good is not the sum of all the individual goods, nor is it a utilitarian kind of greatest good for the greatest number of people.

Mary’s example in fighting terrorism
Apr 01 2016
Mary is a beautiful example of looking for Christ, even as others want us to bring life to a halt or make us fearful and suspicious of one another.

Don't think of practice as a noun
Mar 30 2016
How does anyone get good at anything? Practice.

What is God like?
Mar 23 2016
There are two theological questions of enormous importance, an exploration into God: "What is God like?" and "How must I behave?" ​

The positive aspects of rejection
Mar 18 2016
Question your failures, but also question your success. Don’t get trapped imagining a world that never existed. Don’t ask, what if?

Putting the important things on your bucket list
Mar 10 2016
It's not healthy to be morbid or crazy about the future, especially when you're young and looking forward to a long life, but the truth is, our time in this life is transitory.

Justice Scalia: Man of the people
Feb 23 2016
Justice Scalia perceived that the greatest threat to self-government was the Supreme Court's tendency to read into the Constitution the values it would like society to adopt.

A chance to fill the pages of the book of life
Feb 18 2016
There's nothing new under the sun, except for you, and the wonderful things you'll bring to the future.