Guest Commentary

These opinion columns have been submitted to the Catholic Review from various guest columnists. 


Holy Trinity teen reflects on NCYC 2013
Nov 25 2013
I am so excited for NCYC this year. We started out to meet our bus at Holy Trinity.

St. Ignatius teen reflects on NCYC 2013
Nov 25 2013
On Nov. 21 we departed from St. Stephen around 8 p.m. Everyone on the bus was so excited.

Respect life – every life
Nov 11 2013
Respect life! Every October the Catholic Church issues this clarion call. But what exactly does it mean to respect life?

St. Ignatius Loyola Academy celebrates 20 years of transforming lives
Nov 04 2013
On Nov. 1, more than 200 friends and supporters of St. Ignatius Loyola Academy gathered to mark the school's anniversary.

Saints aren't superheroes - the secrets to holiness
Nov 01 2013
Today on the feast of All Saints, Pope Francis revealed the secrets to holiness

The spiritual physician and his remedies
Sep 23 2013
In my six months of photographic coverage of Pope Francis, I’ve witnessed the extraordinary emphasis he has placed on personally encountering the sick and disabled.

Vocation of witness
Aug 18 2013
A parishioner shares a reflection on the life and family of the late Donald Buening.

Immigration and civility
Jul 29 2013
The experience of the Holy Family is similar to the stories of so many immigrants who have come to the United States throughout our history.

From Glen Burnie to Fatima and Lourdes
May 30 2013
Father Jesse Bolger, associate pastor of Holy Trinity, Crucifixion and Good Shepherd, all in Glen Burnie, shares his personal reflection of leading a Marian pilgrimage during the Year of Faith.

Greetings from Honduras
May 28 2013
On May 18, 14 John Carroll seniors left for a week-long mission trip to Roatan, Honduras.