Father Joseph Breighner

Father Joseph Breighner

Father Joseph Breighner, a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, is a popular lecturer and retreat master in the mid-Atlantic region. He formerly hosted a regular weekly radio show, "Country Road," that was syndicated throughout the country. He has been writing a column for The Catholic Review for decades. Father Breighner retired in 2013, but continues writing a monthly column for the Catholic Review magazine and additional columns that appear exclusively on this page of the Catholic Review website. Purchase Father Joe's books in our store.


Celibacy demands staking one’s life on Christ
Mar 08 2012
Father Joseph Breighner reflects on Father Joe Cote's life.

The ‘holy’ finds a way into our life
Mar 01 2012
Father Breighner shares a story about St. Therese of Lisieux.

Avoid the seductive voice of the devil
Feb 23 2012
Few moments in the Scriptures are more poignant than Jesus confronting Satan in the desert. In our Lenten season of prayer, fasting and giving we see this scene as our own scene.

Getting into hot water isn't always bad
Feb 09 2012
Father Joseph Breighner talks about the physical and spiritual benefits of drinking water - hot or cold.

Wit & Wisdom: ‘Love writes with its own poetry’
Feb 03 2012
Father Joseph Breighner shares his Valentine's Day column.

Wit & Wisdom: We win some, we lose some
Feb 01 2012
Since I often write my columns well in advance of their publication, it's difficult to be “timely” in my topics! For example, I'm writing this column the day after the Ravens’ loss to the Patriots. Right now this is a “hot” topic. In a few weeks it may just be a game we fans want to forget.

Wit and wisdom: Focus on love, not worry
Jan 23 2012
Chose to let go of your past. We can choose to let go of the fears and worries as they arise.

Lasting love
Jan 12 2012
I know that the church’s official Christmas season is over with the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, but I wanted to squeeze one more bit of the Christmas season for us.

Celebrate the time after Christmas
Jan 05 2012
We Christians get a pretty good deal at Christmas time. We get two Christmas seasons! We get the retail Christmas, the time before Christmas, with all the lights and decorations and songs. This is the season to get people to buy things. It’s sort of a secular season of Advent, but, rather than focusing on the preparing for the coming of Christ, it focuses on buying things.

Give all that we have to others
Dec 22 2011
So what do cats and Christmas have in common? Perhaps more than we first think.

Allow God to reign this season
Dec 08 2011
The season of Advent, somewhat similar to Lent, call us to repentance – in Greek, metanoia. The literal translation of the Greek is “to change how we think.” How might we think differently this Advent?

Forever alive in the presence of God
Dec 01 2011
By the time this column appears most of the leaves will be gone. But right now I'm watching the few remaining leaves fall to the ground. Here and there, there are still trees with bright red leaves on them – burning bushes, so to speak, of the presence of God.

Take a ‘white gloves’approach to new missal
Nov 23 2011
Way back in the 1960s, when all the various changes were taking place in the church after Vatican II, there were countless gatherings explaining the various changes. At one meeting, whenever a question was asked about why a particular change was made, the speaker always replied, “It’s the work of the Holy Spirit.” Having heard this comment over and over, one lady finally raised her hand and said: “Well, the Holy Spirit sure says a lot of things the Holy Ghost never said.”

Wit & Wisdom: I feel the earth move
Nov 17 2011
So where were you when the Aug. 23 earthquake hit? I was hearing confessions at Oak Crest in a room off the chapel. The whole room and chapel shook. After that, no one else came to confession! I guess people figured: “Don’t go in there! What kind of penance is Father Joe handing out?”