Guest Commentary

These opinion columns have been submitted to the Catholic Review from various guest columnists. 


Are you a bigot for opposing gay marriage?
May 30 2012
From now until November, people who uphold traditional marriage and family life will be shamed by being identified as prejudiced against homosexuals and opponents of “equal rights.”

Sad, sad story of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman
Apr 12 2012
The sad, sad story of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman continues to remain in our national consciousness. It has primarily been presented as evidence that we are still not getting race relations right. The subsequent marches, rallies and speeches have all alluded to it.

Aftereffects of bullying can last a lifetime
Apr 04 2012
Bullying is again in the news with the March 30 opening of “Bully." Jimmy Patterson, editor and director of communications for the newspaper of the Diocese of San Angelo, Texas, shares his own poignant story of being bullied.

Lent: Opportunity to teach magnanimity
Mar 22 2012
On March 22, 1959, when the oldest of the baby boomers were in their early teen years, poet Robert Frost appeared on the Sunday morning television news show, “Meet the Press.”

Scourge of pornography must be combated
Mar 08 2012
Pornography is an epidemic in the United States. It is wrecking the lives of teenage boys and adult men, and having a devastating effect on marriages.

Leader’s low-key style saved Catholic hospitals
Feb 29 2012
Ken Masters, a member of St. Mark Parish in Catonsville and former Majority Leader in the Maryland House of Delegates, died Jan. 17. He must be remembered for the key role he played in the 1991 fight in Annapolis that preserved the right of Catholic hospitals to not perform abortions.

A rice bowl for all
Feb 27 2012
When I first heard about Operation Rice Bowl at my parish in America, I thought they were talking about something I knew so well from Chinese culture.

Intellect and Virtue: The contraception mandate and ‘cooperation with evil’
Feb 27 2012
The Affordable Care Act that Congress passed in 2010 directs employers to provide health insurance or pay a fine.

During Lent, there will be no burger with my fries
Feb 22 2012
Reporter Matt Palmer talks about Lenten sacrifices.

Reporter's notebook: Martin Sheen says Gospel values needed now more than ever
Dec 19 2002
The congregation that packed St. Peter Claver Church for Philip Berrigan's funeral Dec. 9 was slowly making its way onto ice-covered streets of West Baltimore when I spotted the president of the United States standing outside the 114-year-old brick building.