Father Joseph Breighner

Father Joseph Breighner

Father Joseph Breighner, a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, is a popular lecturer and retreat master in the mid-Atlantic region. He formerly hosted a regular weekly radio show, "Country Road," that was syndicated throughout the country. He has been writing a column for The Catholic Review for decades. Father Breighner retired in 2013, but continues writing a monthly column for the Catholic Review magazine and additional columns that appear exclusively on this page of the Catholic Review website. Purchase Father Joe's books in our store.


Be the light against all odds
Jun 21 2012
Father Joseph Breighner says we are all called to make choices. He asks that we choose to be the light.

Jesuit grew where he was planted
Jun 14 2012
Over the years there has been a lot of good-natured kidding about which groups of priests God likes the most.

Surrender your life to love, not fear
Jun 08 2012
Father Joseph Breighner explains that all Christian prayer is summed up in the Lord's prayer, the Our Father.

Pets can unleash the power of love
May 31 2012
Father Joe Breighner tells us the truth about cats and dogs.

There is not just death, but resurrection
May 25 2012
Jesus modeled that “success in life” was not measured by money, power, prestige, possessions, the approval of anyone, or the adulation of the crowds. Jesus taught rather that love was the only power that mattered, and the only power we ever really have.

God’s love embraces those confronted with suicide
May 18 2012
Few pains in life are greater than the pain of coping with suicide.

Choices to make
May 10 2012
Father Breighner talks about life choices and exercising the body and the spirit.

Be awake to the divine presence
May 03 2012
Have you ever had an experience that was so amazing that you were lost for words?

Unconditional love
Apr 30 2012
Looks will fade over time. What will you be left with then?

Life after divorce and loss
Apr 19 2012
How many of us have risen from the dead? How many of us have gone on when we didn’t think we could go on? If you’ve lost a loved one through death, separation or divorce, you know about death. The annual conference sponsored by the Catholic Single Again Council of Baltimore is about new life.

With faith, you don’t have to wait for love, joy and happiness
Apr 12 2012
Maybe you didn't with the Lottery, but faith gives you a good freeling every day.

Lessons on the meaning of Easter
Apr 05 2012
On Holy Saturday night, Johnny asked his mother if he could go to bed early. His mother asked him if he was sick, but he said he was only tired. Actually, he didn’t think he could tell his mother the real reason. He wanted to go to bed early so he could get up early to meet the Easter Bunny.

See God's love during Holy Week
Mar 29 2012
Holy Week is at hand. How can we look at this holiest of times in a new way?

Another of God’s great mysteries
Mar 23 2012
I was talking to a young lady who was studying for a big test in medical school. She had been cutting up cadavers in her class, and the test required that she be able to identify various veins and muscles. She said that the test was so difficult because various tissues look so different from different bodies.

‘Merrily shall we meet in heaven’
Mar 16 2012
By now, most of you have heard that Father Tom Walsh, the wonderful Franciscan priest, died last month.